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NFC sounds like an awesome idea but I don't want to live in a world where people rely their phone as their only wallet anytime soon. I mean what if your iPhone dies out (or stolen) and you can't get a replacement right away for whatever reason? I guess even if the the rumors say that the 6th gen will have the technology instead of the 5th it would make a huge difference anyways. Not many places have established NFC yet and it will take many years until it becomes mainstream.
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NFC is about much more than e-wallets and looking at demos it really is Apple like simplicity.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49L7z...tu.be#t=12m47s The demos go to about the 17 minute mark.
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Originally Posted by walshbj View Post

It's messy by Apple standards as soon as you take it out of iTunes and into Finder. As is the fixing location data.

What I picture: In the Get Info pane there's a dropdown with drives. Any time you select a group of items in iTunes and look at their Get Info and select a different drive iTunes builds a folder structure with Media as the root and places your items on that drive, using the same hierarchy it uses elsewhere. That's still probably too messy, as they haven't done it.

The problem you're having is because you didn't set it up the way you wanted it the first time. Even so, iTunes can still do what you want pretty easily.

Originally Posted by ameldrum1 View Post

I have another huge issue with iTunes. I store my iTunes library on a separate FAT partition so that it is readable by both OS X and also Windows under Boot Camp. Each time I switch between the 2 (daily) iTunes has to update the library. In Windows XP this takes no more than a couple of minutes. In OS X however this can take an hour or more!! During which time iTunes is inaccessible! It's crazy... It's not as though the library has changed in any meaningful way throughout the course of an average day - maybe a couple of podcasts/app updates downloaded. Can't figure out why this works so poorly...

I'm not knowledgeable with how boot camp or windows works with iTunes but maybe you should just put the media folder on the FAT drive and keep the 2 different itunes folders in their normal place. This way there would be no reason for itunes to rebuild its libraries.
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I'm not buying this iPhone 4S. I don't play games on the phone, so I don't need a better processor. I'm not interested that much into photos, so I don't need a better camera. But I was excited about this NFC thing. Buying with the phone, that would be cool! Well, may be in 2012...
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Originally Posted by risotto View Post

Anyhow, seems like my personal predictions for the iphone 4s are more and more coming true. For more of what I expect Apple to do with the next iteration of the phone, just visit my blog article.

Nice blog. And I agree, probably no NFC just yet, for which I don't care cause it won't be usable over here in The Netherlands anyway. Haven't seen any NFC devices anywhere. Well, public transportation is transitioning over to NFC, but that system can only be used with a chipcard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OV-chipkaart

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