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Update to iLife 11

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I would like to update to the latest iLife bundle but I am not sure if the programs that I currently have on my MBP using SL and version OS X 10.6.7. are up-to-date which would allow me to just purchase the iLife'11 and install it. I recently saw that the TechTracker by CNET (I think) had been downloading the latest versions of iPhoto, but I had no idea they were in the downloads folder on my MBP. What I am trying to find out is if the programs that consist of iLife'08, I think I have, need to have a specific version to be able to purchase and download iLife'11 and have it work right from the get-go.
for example with the current version of iPhoto, GarageBand, and iMovie I have installed now, does anybody know what versions I need to have currently with these programs so that if I purchase iLife'11 it will work right off with out running into any problems because I did not have the most recent versions of the programs that iLife'11 will use.

Make sense? sorry if I am not making much sense by this computer and technical stuff is real hard for me to grasp, especially in Apple terminology.
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You need to have no versions to get iLife '11. Nothing is a prerequisite.
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You can just get iLife '11. For affordable pricing for iPhoto'11, iMovie'11 and GarageBand'11, purchase the programs from the Mac App Store (use the App Store application in your Applications folder). Of course, backup your files, your iPhoto library for example will need to be updated, iPhoto '11 will do that when first launched.

Don't use CNet for iLife downloads or updates.
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Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

You need to have no versions to get iLife '11. Nothing is a prerequisite.

This is just to clarify and to learn too. with updating the programs that came with the MBP (at that time it was iLife'08, I believe) I kept getting updates but all of the sudden it stopped installing them and just dropping them in my downloads folder.

(Just a curious question because I like to learn ) If I use the App Store in my dock to install iLife'11, will it keep the programs from iLife'08 or will it install new programs and keep all the personal projects, pictures, etc. from the older version?

I also do not want to mess this up if I can avoid it. so if I understand what you are saying, do not worry what versions I have for the iLife'08 programs, just purchase and install iLife'11.

I know this will sound really odd but I have never backed-up a computer and I do not even have a back up program or I should say a program that is ready to go. that was going to be my next learning topic and my One-to-One topic to cover. I know it is stupid.
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