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Also posted on MacRumors, but no answer so far...

My new iMac has just arrived, and I couldn't be happier (even though my current iMac is just perfect as well).

But after looking around for the best tips, I am still unclear as to whether I should simply use Migration Assistant directly, or perform a few additional steps to ensure "cleanliness" of my new, beautiful machine.

Current iMac - 24" Aluminum C2D 2.8, with FW800 and Gb Ethernet as the best options for migration

New iMac - 27" Aluminum SB i7 3.4 (top GPU with 2GB), with same options as above in terms of migration possibilities.

My questions (please reply ONLY if you know the exact answer):

1 - Gb Ethernet or FW800? Do Ethernet cables make a difference? I have a cat 5e and perhaps (not indicated) a cat 6 cable;

2 - Shall I create a dummy user on the new machine, update the new iMac and THEN use Migration Assistant, as suggested by MacOSXHints some time ago?

3 - Any specific issues to consider for iTunes accounts, MS Office 2008 and Steam games?

4 - This one is for the purists: is it necessary to do a clean format of the new iMac, or just go with Apple's preinstalled setup?

5 - My old iMac's geekbench index is around 3900 - what about the new iMac i7 3.4's? In terms of real performance, what should I expect for apps like Handbrake, iTunes, Office and Steam games?

I am still opening the package but must say anyway: MS IS DEAD.