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You can go even deeper. Apple didn't build ANY of the retail stores for some sort of nebulous "increased return on investment". Steve built over 300 retail stores so us customers could have a GREAT experience, because Steve loves his users so much.

So if Steve didn't even build that store to make money, then he certainly didn't build the glass cube to make money.

Instead, he wanted to advance the field of architecture out of his love for us.

nice kind smart true post .

yet the 5th ave store pulls more money than the next 20 stores combined
I have shopped there a few times and its always 20 direct to sales person's on the floor selling and another 25 to 50 peeps on line .
50 to 75 buys every 5 minutes or so

This store sells all day every day

I think that it pulled $195 million in sales for 2009 .
So yes steve is going to 50 60 million re invest into the flag ship store
something magical i guess.

the store lacks many things and even thou its very large >>> tons of clueless foreigners wander around
buy a few macs wander around sit down for a while buy some more then wander around even more
then they
open those mac's to looked used
so as too avoid vat tax when going home .

Maybe steve can find a way to involve over seas clients into the store's activities. Prince street yrs ago had a ton of fun lessons going on .

any way i feel all the SW will disappear and speakers and stuff like will have small foot print

we'll see

whats in a name ? 
whats in a name ? 