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New York Post website now blocking Safari access on iPad - Page 4

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"This is breaking the web," wrote blogger Dave Whiner.

There, fixed that for you.
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Originally Posted by Midnight Wolf View Post

The app should be free because it is a reader type of program -- similar to Adobe Reader (being free that is). Then, in addition to subscriptions, allow single edition purchases -- that would be better than their current setup. Also allow the front page to be free with partial articles -- then it would at least be similar to the experience of walking into a store or newsstand and looking over newspapers and picking out one to buy.

Most people want to buy the edition on their tablets. They don't want to buy a full on app for a freaking newspaper.
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Originally Posted by markbyrn View Post

No they won't Koof because the other browsers have settings to emulate Firefox or Safari desktop - which is exactly what Apple should be doing with it's mobile browser. As for your clueless soap box comment, go back to banging your Windows box and stroking your Android bar.

Thanks for the suggestion mark - for now I think I will stick to my MacPros and iPad2. Need to realize that we can still be users of the devices without drinking the marketing BS kool-aid. IOS is a kiosk OS designed primarily for limited capability users to buy content through - in part by restricting the available content through standard means. Im ok with that - just find it interesting that it causes some angst in the Apple community when more content slips behind that paywall.

Also re: browser agent strings: Opera for IOS clearly passes the agent string 'Opera/9.80 (iPad; Opera Mini/6.13548/24.899; U; en) Presto/2.5.25 Version/10.54' under any setting combination I was able to test.

Terra browser - regardless of setting under the "Identify As" - includes 'Ipad' in the agent string.

Havent footed the bill for the other browsers you mentioned, as I have generally thought the browsing experience on IOS to be poor. But oftentimes the platform / OS is present in the agent strings separate from any browser identifying information and I would suspect the others you mentioned would still contain Ipad in their own.

Thus block-able with a simple adjustment server side.

To note, I wasn't commenting on what was currently working for the NYPost, just that they probably hadn't gotten around to testing the various IOS browsers and adding them to the detect in use. Happy to test some others if it would assist.

Also re: soapbox - seems to me that the Apple fanboy are the ones doing the preaching as to what "usable" and "modern" tech websites should be made of. The rest of us just want to use the best tools for the job. As an HTML5 and AS3 dev it does annoy me that the misinformation being tossed around is limiting the options available for executing web gigs.

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Originally Posted by AdonisSMU View Post

Most people want to buy the edition on their tablets. They don't want to buy a full on app for a freaking newspaper.

...and that's fine -- I was just commenting that they should offer the option to download single copies, not the method. I think it is silly that they don't. If I ran into a convenience store to buy a newspaper or magazine (which I do) and the clerk said, "Sorry, you can't buy a single issue -- you have to buy a subscription..." I'd be like, "No sale!" and walk out. Would iTunes be as popular if one could only buy albums and not individual songs?
Whether the single issue is via a proprietary app or some other method (maybe as an eDoc or PDF in iNewstand???) is a whole other issue. I agree though that I'd get pretty annoyed if I had to have a different app for each and every magazine title I bought.
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Originally Posted by cvaldes1831 View Post

How many of those browsers run on the iPad?

You did read the original article and note that this was about iPad web browsing, yes?

I just tried TERRA Web Browser from Apps Store.
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Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

Extremely intelligent people who enjoy using the latest technology and people who aren't homeless bums are the type of people that pay $500 to $830 for a tablet. These people can also afford to pay $29 for a camera adapter which gives them a USB port, if that connection is needed. Flash is mostly for losers who enjoy playing simplistic, silly games and for people who enjoy being bombarded with intrusive advertisements. I disable flash on my main machines and the lack of flash on an iPad is no loss at all.

The iPad is great and maybe if you flip 23,275 more burgers, you too can afford to buy one someday. Also, Apple has among the highest user satisfaction rate of any company. Don't be jealous, one day you too might be able to experience what it is like to own a revolutionary piece of hardware.

If you NEED to see a Flash site, then download iSwifter from Apps.
Copy the URL and run it through iSwifter, no problema amigo.
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For years the interface on the NY Post has been terrible (and still is).

Command click on a link for an article and you get a new tab AND the original page changing to that target link.

Their video content rarely runs in Safari.

And their new commenting system is a joke. Click to add a comment and use your yahoo account and the system defaults to Facebook.
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