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iMac (2011) 21.5 purcahse help

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Well we are about to purchase our first mac computer. Due to living in Singapore and having a tiny condo apartment we think that the 21.5' will suit (a 27' will just look massive)

Firstly let me explain the key taks we will use it for

- internet
- standard docs eg excel, powerpoint, word
- music, movies, photos etc
- photo editing
- movie editing, mostly home movies recorded in avchd (.m2ts) from Sony HD camcorder

So things that i think are important

- processor needs to be decent
- memory is vital for video rendering
- hard drive to store everything

So do you think the entry level i5 2.5ghz with upgraded memory to 8gig is suitable. i would then add on an external hard drive (atleast anotehr 2Gig) to bring my hard drive space up.

Or do i go the i5 and take the next mdoel up with upgraded processor to the i7, 8gig memory and take the internal 2TB hardrive option.

There is about 1k difference between these 2 systems. Clearly external hardrives can be bought cheaper so it really comes down to the processors i guess. Which one am i better of with. is it worth the extra coin considering in 2-3yrs or so i replace the whole thing anyway as usual.


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If you plan in upgrading in 2-3 years I would get theentry level 21" machine. It's quad core and should have no trouble doing what you plan on doing.
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