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Could this be real?

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Found this image floating around and wanted to see if you guys thought there was some truth to it? I am an apple developer and I have yet to see a new beta, and yet, this picture contradicts that.

According to the rumors, this "beta 2" build significantly speeds up the OS. The user claimed that it felt similar to a dual core processor running the android OS. Another feature that was mentioned was improved call quality.

The link was taken down 9 hours after it was posted, not sure why, but assuming it was a fake post.

What makes me think it might be real is that there was also a YouTube video posted to the link showing the update process happen OTA. Can an OTA be faked like this?:confused::confused::confused:

This is all pretty weird. Either way, it does't really matter. Just wanted to get input from you guys in here as I believe the collectiveness of forum members helped solve these little mysteries.

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Not sure why this smaller version of Apple's Lego icon doesn't have a transparent background since the real icon does, but...

I wouldn't be surprised if this is how the second beta will be pushed out.
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