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VNC / Remote Desktop Sharing issues

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I've been having chronic troubles accessing my Mac from a Windows machine using the VNC protocol. It may be a configuration issue, I'm trying different settings such as compression methods but to no avail.

I can connect from Windows to Windows reliably, and Mac to Mac reliably. Connecting between platforms has long been pretty unreliable.

If you regularly connect to a Mac from Windows, can you please let me know what software (and if applicable, any custom settings) you use on the Windows side?

I've used the RealVNC and TightVNC clients. I recall trying others but they were worse.

I've used Apple's built-in Screen Sharing server, as well as Vine Server, both have problems, Apple's just stalls out, requiring that I physically go to that computer and restart the service. Vine Server sometimes randomly disconnects, other times doesn't direct keyboard input to the correct app. How that is possible, I don't know.
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Originally Posted by Parttimer View Post

Try free Teamviewer. It's cross-platform. I use it from Mac-to-Mac and from Android-to-Mac. To support a couple Macs 10 miles from here, and a couple across the pond. Works great on WiFi. It's got a free full Windows client too.

Sorry for the late reply, but this is a considerable improvement in speed and reliability, thank you!
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