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iPod continually skips certain songs

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Hello folks,

Ok, so I have a really frustrating problem with my iPod classic 120GB. It refuses to play certain songs; they're entire albums (or discs on albums). Essentially, if you ask it to play one of them, it just skips the song (and usually a bunch, unless you chose the last song on the corrupted row).

The songs themselves are perfectly fine: when you use iTunes to play them (either from the local library, or off of the iPod), there are no hitches whatsoever. (These are third party MP3s, but I've had them on one iPod or another and never had problems until now).

To fix this, I have tried:

-The "let it play" trick I keep seeing for this problem (where you let the file play to completion within iTunes off the iPod and then resync)

-A complete restore of the iPod from within iTunes

-A complete reformat of the iPod from Windows (not quick, full), and then the restore.

I've also done multiple scans on the iPod to test the hard drive itself, and can't find any errors there.

Help would be appreciated.
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Hey, I'm having the exact same problem. My iPod is set to repeat playlists upon completion, so it continues to cycle through the playlist rather than stop at the last track, but other than that, this is the exact same problem. I too have a 120GB iPod and it has only recently decided to stop playing certain albums.

I've tried everything Garby has tried and I'm starting to consider buying a new iPod because I feel it's only a matter of time before it refuses to play anything! I would say that it plays about 90% of the music it has fine, but I keep gradually discovering more albums that it doesn't play.

I hate to see this question go unanswered, does anybody here have any suggestions?
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Hi Garby


I see you post is several years old now but I don't see a suggested fix.


I have the same issue with a 160Gb classic....


Did you ever get to the bottom of it ?





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