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Macbook not starting, need help!

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I have a early 2008 Macbook Pro 2.5GHz Duo Core Processor with 2GB of Ram and 250GB hard drive running Snow Leopard.

Here is the problem. On Friday I was using my computer, I was done using it and I closed the lid as I have always done. On Sunday I opened the computer and waited for it to turn on, nothing happened. Nothing on the screen and no noise from the fans or hard drive. I thought that was strange, but I thought nothing of it so I pushed the power button. The hard drive made a noise like it was spinning up and then suddenly stopped (lasted about 1 second). I also heard a pop/click/beep noise when this occurred and the LED light on the button to open the lid turned on and then went off suddenly. I tried again and the same thing happened. I tried holding down the power button and the computer sounds like normal for about 2-3 seconds and then shuts off, but no beep/click/pop noise. Also the LED lights up, fades, lights up again, and then flashes rapidly for a second before it shuts off. The whole time this is happening nothing is appearing on the screen, the screen isn't even coming on at all.

The battery is charged, the power cable is in good working order, no changes have been made to any of the hardware, and no changes were made to the software before this all happened.

I've tried resetting the SMU, the PRAM, staring in safe, etc... basically I've tried everything that is recommended when you type in "Macbook won't start" in Google. Does anyone have any clue as to what this could be? or how it could be fixed? (I know the apple store is an option)

Thanks for any help
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Hi Brian,
I just discovered I have a similar problem. I have an early 2008 MBP, running on Leopard with a battery that was put in not even a year ago. Last night I shut it, as I always do, but this morning when I tried to wake it up nothing appeared on the screen. It was charged enough to wake up to whatever screen I closed it to. Then i tried to turn it on through the power button- on each attempt I hear a stir of fans ceased by a pop/click as well. Pressing the power button for 10+ seconds still has the same result, though it is a little delayed. The screen has remained black. It is currently charging, with a red light on the adapter.
I am really worried because this is just about the last thing I need right now. Thanks in advance!
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But mine happen after macbook pro (2008) got a new update, asked if I wanted to restart I said yes. Now my computer wont turn on, press power button I hear the two beebs and fans start to spin up then they die down and light on the front of the computer just fades away... battery is only a few months old and a full charge, now my computer is dead.. it was working until it got a new mac update and rebooted.
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