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Netflix iPod streaming issue

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I did a search of these forums, and could not find any threads with this issue so any help would be greatly appreciated. I did contact Apple (extremely helpful) and Netflix (not helpful at all) to no avail, so I hope someone here can help.

My problem is I can't stream Netflix video from my iPod third generation to my TV. I get sound, but no video. My son's iPhone 4 does stream just fine. I also tried my daughter's 3rd gen iPod and a spare 2nd gen iPod (all supported per Netflix site).

What I've tried with my iPod:
1. Reinstalled Netflix app
2. Updated iPod software
3. Verified Apple AV cable is working (son's iPhone streamed fine)
4. Tried 3 different TV's
5. Powered down the iPod with cable in and out and restarted app
6. Able to watch iTunes video and YouTube on TV with iPod and cable

Thanks in advance for any help.
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it sounds like you did everything you could. The only thing I can assume from what you say is that your ipod may be messed up or the pin adapter thing (where you connect the ipod) is messed up. You should take it in to a ipod repair center if you really want that fixed.

I mean if everything else works than the only thing at fault is the device itself.
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