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Trouble with network/internet connection

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I have a MacBook that is approximately four years old. After I installed the most recent update to my computer I have been having issues connecting to the internet (I use the Airport). I get a message saying that I am not connected to the internet. When I check I get a message that no network is chosen. I reset my network and it works for a while but it keeps happening over and over again. My husband has a MacBook Pro on the same network but he is not having this problem. HELP! What should I do?? Thanks, Maria
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You might go into system preferences and go into network and check the box " advanced" and check the settings---then do the same with your husband's computer and see if the settings are the same---

Move the network that you want to connect to to the top of the list and remove all the networks that you are not interested in---Don't change your husband's settings since they work---
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Another problem may be your operating system--did you install Lion?

Lion has given my wife's computer similar problems---check the network settings in system preferences as I suggested--that might help until there is a software update to Lion---
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