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Can i have 2 Individual TimeMachine HD's?

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I have a Western DIgital 6TB hard drive that i use with TimeMachine. Included in this backup are all four of my MacPro's internal HD's and one external USB HD which contains my iTunes library. It's a complete backup of all my data and has a total size of around 3TB. This TimeMachine drive is plugged into my computer at all times and is set to make daily backups.
I also have a 2TB Western Digital drive which i would like to use to backup only my most important files (mainly my Logic Pro project files). I plan to store this drive in another location and try to make weekly backups on it. The files which will be in this backup are spread across all of my HD's and are constantly changing, so i need to use TimeMachine so that only new and changed files are backed up.
So i'm wondering, is it possible to set up a second TimeMachine back-up without having to include / exclude individual files and folders every time i plug in the off-site backup HD? I want to be able to back-up to the 6TB drive daily, but also be able to plug in the 2TB drive and have TimeMachine backup only the files and folders associated with that backup without having to go into the TimeMachine pane in System Preferences and select which files to backup every time. I hope everyone can understand what i'm asking. Sorry if i haven't made it clear enough. I've already asked about this elsewhere and didn't get a reply. Thanks.
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I don't know about Time Machine with multiple disks, but I do know that Carbon Copy Cloner can do this.

You can even set it to archive old versions and schedule it to automatically run whenever the drive is plugged in.
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Thanks for your reply smax. So Carbon Copy Cloner can do automatic backups of new / changed files, just like TimeMachine does?
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Pretty much yes. You'll have to set it up to do what you ant the first time you run it and I'm not exactly sure how it handles old versions of files, but it should work just fine for what you're using it for.
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Ok great, i'll check it out. I already have CCC so i must have a read through the documentation. Thanks for your help.
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A back up of a back up? Seems like a reasonable idea, I wouldn't want to be screwed over if I lost everything for sure.
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