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For those who use mail.app

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Just wanting to know when and where the 'favorites' (heart shaped icon) part of the compose window went. It was great for quickly sending mail to multiple people. I find using the Address book very clumsy and time consuming. :confused:

What other solution exists. Or what am I missing.

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If you have your group set up in Address Book, you can simply type the group's name in the compose window. I just tested it, it works.
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Groups does work in mail.app, but it can take a LONG time for it to send the emails- especially if your smtp server is smtp.mac.com
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Damn Fran, you have 152 posts already?
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Toooooooooo many, I tell you, too many. <img src="graemlins/nono.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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Yeah, but that is totally stupid if I want to do a forward and the person who sent me the message in the first place is in the group.

Also sometimes there might be just one person in the group who won't appreciate the humour of a joke, then I'll just have to drag every one elses name over to the 'To' window, just because I don't want to email one person. Doesn't make sense.

Also if I have the 'To' line highlighted then I can only drag addresses to the 'Cc' window and visa versa. Weird.

Guess I'll just have to complain to Apple.
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