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Did Palm mess up my iBook?

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Great to be back on AI!!

Anyway, back to the real world. My (at the moment) very dearly beloved gave me a lovely new Palm M505 two days ago. I happilly plugged the USB cradle into my Dual USB ibook (500mhz), install the Palm software, hit the sync button, watch it drop its connection half way through. I'm running 10.1 so wasn't too surprised. Rebooted into 9.2, and sync went beatifully.

However, when I got back into 10.1 mouse movement was jerky. Sometimes the pointer seemed to stick, and everything was just like wading through (not too thick) treacle.

Boot back into 9.2, only to find exactly the same problem.

I've turned off the synching stuff and unplugged the cradle, thinking it might be doing nasty things with eating too many processor cycles, but that hasn't fixed things. Running Top doesn't show anything out of the ordinary.

Anyone come across this? I'd rather not have to plug it into my XP machine at work for synching...

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Problem happened to me. I uninstalled Palm and reinstalled it. It seemed to clear up my problem, it should fix yours.
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