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Well, I broke down and bought the ipod yesterday. Got it today from Macconnection. Great turnaround time. It was barely 12 hours after I ordered that I got it. Anyway, now that I've got it and copied all my songs in iTunes to it, is there a way I can have the ipod hold my music library? Here's what I want to do: Use the ipod as a FW HD and make an alias from the itunes music folder on the ipod in my documents folder so that itunes looks at the ipod for music. This part is not so hard. But the problem is that when I want to actually place the songs in my ipod song list, it copies them again into whereever the songs go. So, my music is taking up 2x as much as it needs to. I was hoping to free up my hd space by just using the ipod as a hd and an mp3 player. Is this possible?