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Uninstallation Problem

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I tried to uninstall one application called LogMeIn.
I deleted this from Applications folder. But still the program is running whenever I start my Mac. There are no startup items in my user profile. And, there is no application also Applications folder. From where, this is actually running?

Can you guys suggest me any app to uninstall the software from my Mac. Please advise FREE applications.

Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by Parttimer View Post

When you install an application often a myriad of 'support files' get installed in a myriad of other places besides the Application folder. M$ Office for Mac for instance installs close to 2,000 such support files, scattered across your HD.
When you drag an application like that from the Applications folder to the trash only that particular file gets trashed. Not its thousands of 'support files'. Which from then on uselessly clutter up your HD space (and can only create problems).

Install FREE AppCleaner, and drag applications you want to uninstall to it. AppCleaner will gather all the support files for that application from all over your HD and trash them too.

You may like AppCleaner, but you should not should not spread FUD about the organization of the MacOS X file system, especially to a newbie. Office may install lots on files on the hard drive, but that does not mean that they are spread all over the HD. They are not.

If memory serves, Office 2011 does not include the Remove Office utility, but the previous version going back to Office v.X does. If your version includes this utility, then use it. If not, then drag the suite folder to the Trash. You don't need an application deletion utility. You should not use an application deletion utility. Many of them remove stuff that should not be removed and leave behind stuff that the user wants gone.

There is no substitute for knowledge of your system. AppCleaner is not knowledge of your system.
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