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Deleting a Hotmail account?

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Anybody have the faintest?
I want to delete one of mine.
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Dont think that you can, but they naturally expire if unused for a period ....90 days ?

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I thought it was 4 months of inactivity before they expired, but i haven't use hotmail since iTools was released.
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I have an old hotmail account that I don't use anymore. Just out of curiosity, I logged in a few months ago (way past the 4-months thing), and it was still there! It was "deactivated", but it still exists, waiting for you to log back in again. I really wish there was a way to permanently delete a hotmail account.
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I think it is actually 30 days of non usage. Just got rid of mine last month.
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After not logging in for 30 days, your account becomes inactive. 90 days after that, if you still have not logged in, the account is permantantly deleted.
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