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iMac audio

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I'm one of those (slot-loading) iMac owners who find the volume much too high even at it's lowest setting. Additionally, mine forgets its volume setting every time it reboots under OS X. I'm also underwhelmed by the quality of the iMac speakers.

Are there fixes for these problems? Does getting the iSub help? Is the improvement in sound quality worth the purchase?


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Hello Mark!

I'm not sure about the software questions, but i can tell you that getting a subwoofer is not going to make Tiny/Tinny speakers sound like Good speakers. You'll have more bass, but everything else will sound just as poor.

Perhaps the best option is to buy some decent external speakers, such as Monsoons, which will both sound better and have a volume control.

Kinda spoils the neat all-in-one look of the iMac, but worthwhile if you care about the sound.

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