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Help me with my iBook please!!!

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my iBook (original blueberry) has died. I think its the main battery but I'm not going to buy one until I'm sure cos they're £125 each.

the speaker fizzled out one day when using iTunes whch I'm not too bothered about cos I have an iMac which I use as my main machine but for ages it wasnt holding the dae and time when shut down so i assummed it was the PRAM battery but when i asked for a replacement i was told that the had to go back to Apple to be replaced so i thought I' d have a look myself. we took it apart but couldnt find anything that looked like a battery. also the main battery wasnt holding its charge.

then one day it just died completely.

any ideas?
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I've had my ibook die so i pulled the pulled out the battery and power cord for an hour. then plugged it all back in and pressed the little reset button in the back a bunch of times. Finally, it kicked in. I think it has something to do with the auto sleep function when battery power is low.

i have several batteries and there is wildly different charge life between them. i have also had the contacts get dirty, but i doubt that is really a problem.

good luck.
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