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My mac mini (Lion, 10.7.1) will no longer let me copy files to it from another mac. When I drag a file to it, it pops up a dialog saying that Finder wants to change something and to enter a password. If I do, then it tells me the file is already there and I can either replace or keep both. If I say replace nothing really happens, but if I say to keep both it then starts making new files (file.jpg becomes file 1.jpg, file 2.jpg....) until I stop it, easily creating hundreds of thousands of files.

This used to work, so I am not sure what is going on. And all the files end up being zero byte files. I checked using Disk Utility, and it did not find anything.

It does not matter if I am copying to an external drive or the internal drive, same error.

And if I hit cancel instead of entering a password, the file is still created (but as a zero byte file)