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single == double click

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What the hell is going on? Now a single click on my mouse goes through as a double click sometimes. I trashed the mouse and USB Overdrive prefs and that did nothing. I'm going to go back to the puck and see what that does. In the mean time anyone know what's going on?
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ive had that happen to me few times
first time i trashed the preferences, no go. trashed all the prefer, no go. clean install no go. zapped the pram. no go. took out the batter for a day. good
next time it happend, did all of the above, nothing was helping. i opend up the mouse, and things came loose somehow.
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I had a problem like that a while back. Trashing the USB Overdrive prefs worked for me.
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I have the old puck hooked up and it's fine. I took apart and cleaned the Macally iSweetnet mouse (the one double clicking (sometimes)) and it looks okay. So it seems to be software somehow. I'll disable USB Overdrive and see if it goes away.

btw it ****ing kicks ass that having two mouses is so easy.
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It's looking like a hardware problem now. I just plugged the mouse into my wife's Christmas fresh iBook and it double clicks on a single, sometimes. So I'm guessing it's the mouse.
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