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Best External Hard Drive

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My 4 year old LaCie 500GB drive apparently isn't compatible with Lion (according to LaCie) so I'm looking for a replacement external hard drive. I do have another LaCie 1TB drive that serves as my Time Machine backup, but it's running low on space.

I've had problems with power supplies on the LaCie's before so I was trying to avoid that again. I ordered a 2TB Iomega drive that was DOA. I returned that so I'm back to square one.

So does anyone have any good suggestions for a really good external hard drive? I will probably use this new one as a Time Machine backup either plugged in directly or through my Airport Extreme. (Haven't decided yet). And the current LaCie will probably be relegated to secondary backup or offline media files.

Suggestions please....
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I'd recommend a bus-powered portable drive. You can get a 1.5TB GoFlex that lets you use various connections so USB 2 or FW800. USB 3 is available but no support from Apple yet though Seagate is apparently working on a Thunderbolt connector.

If you need more storage or better performance than this, you might look at getting a RAID enclosure, e.g:


You also get some reliability for your data. Thunderbolt RAID will give you much better speeds of course but costs $1000:

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