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Sleep Problem

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Ok, I am using 10.1.2 now, and for some reason I cant get my machine (QS G4/733) to be silent when it sleeps. I used to be able to put it to sleep and it would sound like I turned it off, now I still hear all sorts of things (mainly thefan)...is there any way to fix this problem?

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If you have any PCI cards, your Mac will refuse to go to Deep Sleep where it is completely silent.

This is Apple's fault, even thought they try to blame the card manufacturers. I've been bugging them about this since the Public Beta. Deep Sleep still works fine under OS9 though...
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I saw a similar issue with my brother's DP G4/500. When he had his Soundblaster installed, he could not go to deep sleep when the extension was enabled. We ended up just removing the card as he has Sound Sticks any way.
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