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I run iMac, iPad, iPhone personally and Windows 7 on work laptop. I use Lion, iCal and MobileMe and, until now, have always just added new appointment and added my work email as attendee. This has sent invitation with .ics attached (also link to to accept). Open ics and appointment is added to Outlook calendar. The same works in reverse and I configured Outlook to automatically forward invitations to my address. I have 2 problems, 1 new and urgent the other I have just "put up with" until now but might try and solve both in one hit to you guys

So first and urgent:
Suddenly as of this morning, when I send invitation from iCAL there is just a note as below with no .ics attachment and no link to accept etc. This is note:
To reply to this invitation, use Calendar on iPhone or iPod touch (with IOS4), iCal on a Mac (with Mac OS X 10.6.4), or visit and use the calendar web application on a Mac or PC
None of this achieves adding invitation details to my Outlook calendar.

Long standing and not urgent:
When an invite is auto-forwarded from my exchange account iCal insists on sending response to originator if I accept, deny or maybe (any of these will confirm it in iCal). I want to accept without sending a response back from my personal Mac to corporate colleagues. In outlook you can click accept and then choose not to send response, is there an equivalent in iCal.

Sorry for long post I wanted to give all info I could. Long term IT Consultant but relatively (very) new to Macs

Would really appreciate any help.