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Yeah, I have been very busy lately so, here an update of the list of Windows games I ported to the Mac. Enjoy!: For everyone there is something interesting

Here is the Game list:

Sports game: Bowling 2006
Sports game: Bowling Evolution (Full game download)
Sports game: Chess Mafia (Full game download)
Sports game: Icehockey Club Manager 2005
Sports game: FIFA 07 + 08
Sports game: FIFA 2011
Sports game: Handball Challenge (Full game download)
Sports game: Madden NFL 08
Sports game: Min Golf Club (Full game download)
Sports game: Mini Golf Maniacs (Full game download)
Sports game: Mini Golf Pro (Full game download)
Sports game: NBA 2K10
Sports game: NBA 2K11
Sports game: PES 2011
Sports game: Real Pool (Full game download)
Sports game: Ski Challenge 11 (Full game download)
Sports game: Stoked Rider (Full game download)
Sports game: Tennis Antics (Full game download)
Sports game: Trampoline (Full game download)
Sports game: UEFA 2008
Sports game: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Racing game: A.I.M. Racing
Racing game: ATV Quadro Racing (Full game download)
Racing game: Bigfoot 4x4 Challenge
Racing game: BMW Challenge (Full game download)
Racing game: Championsheep Rally
Racing game: Classic Car Racing
Racing game: Alarm for Cobra 11 Nitro
Racing game: Crash Time 2
Racing game: Crash Time 3
Racing game: Death Track Resurrection
Racing game: Death Rally (Full game download)
Racing game: Driving Speed (Full game download)
Racing game: Extreme racers (Full game download)
Racing game: Flatout
Racing game: Hummer 4x4
Racing game: Intense Racing 2 (Full game download)
Racing game: Kart Racer
Racing game: Motoracing (Full game download)
Racing game: Need for speed ProStreet
Racing game: Need for Speed Undercover
Racing game: Need for speed Underground
Racing game: Need for speed Underground 2
Racing game: Need for Speed Most Wanted
Racing game: Offroad Racer (Full game download)
Racing game: Open Kart
Racing game: Ostrich Runners (Full game download)
Racing game: Proun
Racing game: Race 07
Racing game: Revolt (VIP members only)
Racing game: Ski Racing 2005
Racing game: Sprint Cars - Road to Knowxville
Racing game: Star Racing (Full game download)
Racing game: Streetracers 1.1 (Full game download)
Racing game: Trackmania Nations Forever
Racing game: UAZ Racing 4x4
Racing game: Volvo the game


Flight and Vehicles Simulators:
Simulator game: 18 Wheels of Steel Americas Long Haul
Simulator game: 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker
Simulator game: 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2
Simulator game: Battlestatations Midway
Simulator game: Bus Driver
Simulator game: Clusterball
Simulator game: Commanding Officer eastern Front
Simulator game: Dangerous Waters
Simulator game: Darstar one
Simulator game: Engine Driver: Drive a Steam Train (Steam)
Simulator game: Euro Truck Simulator
Simulator game: IL-2 Sturmovic
Simulator game: Naval Strike (Full game download)
Simulator game: Microsoft Trains Simulator
Simulator game: RailWorks 2 (Steam)
Simulator game: Red Shark
Simulator game: Ship Simulator 2008
Simulator game: Shootiah (Full game download)
Simulator game: Sky Battle (Full game download)
Simulator game: Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942
Simulator game: Trainz Simulator 2009
Simulator game: Trainz Simulator 12
Simulator game: Virtual Skipper 5
Simulator game: Wings of Combat
Simulator game: Wings of Fury 2 (Full game download)
Simulator game: Wings of Honor: Battles of the Red Baron
Simulator game: WW2 Pacific Heroes

Business/Management and other Simulators:
Simulator game: Cake Shop (Full game download)
Simulator game: Cities XL 2011
Simulator game: Farmer Simulator 2011
Simulator game: Fate of the Pharaoh
Simulator game: Industry Giants 2
Simulator game: Jurassic Park Operation Genisis
Simulator game: Megapolis (Full game download)
Simulator game: Romopolis (Full game download)
Simulator game: Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
Simulator game: Tropico + Paradise Island (Expansion)
Simulator game: Tropico 2 - Pirates Cove
Simulator game: Tropico 3
Simulator game: Vegas - Make it Big
Simulator game: World of Zoo


Time Management Puzzle
Puzzle game: Bee Garden (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Frenzy Farm 2 (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Island Realms (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Magic Farm (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Tropical Farm (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Youda Survivor
Puzzle game: Caribbean Sea Fishes

Brain Teaser Puzzle:
Puzzle game: Bombermania (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Cogs
Puzzle game: Dale Hardshovel Bloomstone Mystery (Full game download)
Puzzle game: DX Boulderdash (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Gift Quest - Valentine Day (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Last Conudrum Of Da Vinci Deluxe (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Lovely puzzle (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Mars to Earth
Puzzle game: Mayjong (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Mah-Jong Quest (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Monkey Friends (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Moorfrosch XS (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Narbacular Drop (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Neverball (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Obulis
Puzzle game: Pharaoh (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Quadrax VI (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Real Dominos (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Secret of the Six Seas (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Wallace & Gromits Grand Adventures

Hidden Object Puzzle:
Puzzle game: Atlantis (Full game download)
Puzzle game: The Treasures of mystery Island 2

Arcade game: Airstrike 3D 2 (Full game download)
Arcade: Pacmaniac (Full game download)
Arcade game: Tatris 2008 (Full game download)
Arcade game: Trio: The great Settlement (Full game download)
Arcade game: VIVED Arkanoid (Full game download)

Platform game: Another World 15th Anniversary
Platform game: Azangara (Full game download)
Platform game: Mario XP (Full game download)
Platform game: Mechanic Infantry
Platform game: Oddworld Abe's Exodus
Platform game: Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
Platform game: Penguin vs Yeti (Full game download)
Platform game: TAGAP 2 (Full game download)
Platform game: Turtix (Full game download)

Card Games:
Cards game: 3D Solitaire (Full game download)
Cards game: Real Poker (Full game download)
Cards game: Gold Solitaire (Full game download)
Cards game: World Poker Championship 2

RPG game: Baldur’s Gate the Original Saga
RPG game: Baldur’s Gate 2 Complete
RPG game: Darkspore
RPG game: Desperados 2
RPG game: Dragonsang - River of Time
RPG game: Fallout
RPG game: Fallout 2
RPG game: Helldorado
RPG game: King of Kings 3
RPG game: Mount and Blade
RPG game: Mount and Blade - Warband
RPG game: Mount and Blade - Fire and Sword
RPG game: Never Winter Nights 2
RPG game: Saiya (VIP members only)
RPG game: Tales of Pirates (Full game download)
RPG game: The Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall (Full game download (DOS))
RPG game: Tibia (Full game download)


Action FPS:
Action game: Alpha Prime
Action game: Apha Protocol
Action game: Battlefield 1942
Action game: Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo (Full demo download)
Action game: Battlefield Vietnam
Action game: Battlestrike Force of Resistance
Action game: Blade Runner (Full game download)
Action game: Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2 (Full game download)
Action game: Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood + Road to Hill
Action game: Call of Duty
Action game: Call of Duty - Modern Warefare
Action game: Call of Duty 5 World at War
Action game: Call of Juarez
Action game: Call of Juarez 2 - Bound in blood
Action game: C&C Renegade
Action game: Chaser
Action game: Code of Honor - The French Foreign Legion
Action game: Commandos: Strike force
Action game: Darksiders
Action game: Derelict (Full game download)
Action game: D-Day Normandy (Full game download)
Action game: Death To All Spies
Action game: Death To All Spies: Moment of Truth
Action game: Delta Force Blackhawk Dawn
Action game: Digital Paintball 2 (Full game download)
Action game: Freedom Force
Action game: Gun Metal
Action game: Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death
Action game: Jungle Strike (Full game download)
Action game: Far Cry 2
Action game: Gangland
Action game: Grand Theft Auto 2
Action game: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Action game: Grotto Kings + Gravity Bones
Action game: Hidden & Dangerous 2
Action game: Hitman: Blood Money
Action game: Hitman 2 Silent Assassin
Action game: HUNT
Action game: Homefront
Action game: In Cold Blood
Action game: Knights of the Temple 2
Action game: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Action game: Lead and Gold (Steam)
Action game: Marvel Super Heroes (Full game download)
Action game: Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Action game: Metal Gear Solid
Action game: M.I.A. Asia
Action game: Onescapee (Full game download)
Action game: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Action game: Penguins Arena
Action game: Pirate battle (Full game download)
Action game: Pirates of the Caribbean
Action game: Planet Alcatraz
Action game: PreVa (Full game download)
Action game: Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands
Action game: Prism Guard Shield (Full game download)
Action game: Red Faction
Action game: Rogue Trooper
Action game: Shelled! (Full game download)
Action game: Smoking Guns (Full game download)
Action game: Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945
Action game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl
Action game: Streetfighter MUGEN (Full game download)
Action game: S.U.A.V.E (Full game download)
Action game: Subvein (Full game download)
Action game: Street of Rage (remake) (Full game download)
Action game: Thief - Deadly Shadows
Action game: The Juicer (Full game Download)
Action game: The Stalin Subway
Action game: Tombraider Legend
Action game: Tribes Starsiege (Full game download)
Action game: Unreal
Action game: Unreal Tournament Game of theYear Edition
Action game: Unreal Tournament 2004 Editors Choice Edition
Action game: Velvet Assassin
Action game: Zelda - Links Awakening (Full game download)

Strategy game: 8th Wonder of the World
Strategy game: Age of Empires
Strategy game: Age of Empires 2
Strategy game: Alfa: Antiterror
Strategy game: Alien Nations
Strategy game: Ancient Wars: Sparta
Strategy game: Anno 1503
Strategy game: Battle for Troy
Strategy game: Bos Wars
Startegy game: Buccaneer - The Pursuit of Infamy
Strategy game: Caesar III
Strategy game: C&C General + Zero Hour
Strategy game: C&C Red Alert (Full game download)
Strategy game: C&C Red Alert 2 + Yuri revenge
Strategy game: C&C Red Alert 3 Uprising
Strategy game: C&C Tiberian Dawn (VIP members only)
Strategy game: C&C Tiberian Sun (Full game download)
Strategy game: Civcity Rome
Strategy game: Commandos Behind Enemy Lines
Strategy game: Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty
Strategy game: Commandos 2
Strategy game: Commandos 3
Strategy game: Company of Heroes (Gold)
Strategy game: Cossacks Back to War
Strategy game: Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade
Strategy game: Dune 2000
Strategy game: East India Company Collection
Strategy game: Emperor Rise of middle Kingdom
Strategy game: Empire Earth 2
Strategy game: Empire Earth 3
Strategy game: Empire Rise of the Middle Kingdom
Strategy game: Empire Total War (Steam)
Strategy game: Evil Genius
Strategy game: Faces of War
Strategy game: Fantasy Wars
Strategy game: Glest (Full game download)
Strategy game: Grand Ages Rome
Strategy game: Imperium Romanum
Strategy game: Imperial Glory
Strategy game: Jagged Farm - Birth of Hero
Strategy game: Knights and Honor
Strategy game: Knights & Merchants - The Peasants Rebellion
Strategy game: Lords of the Realms III
Strategy game: Medieval 2 Total War
Strategy game: Men of War
Strategy game: Men of War - Red Tide
Strategy game: Men of War - Squad Assault
Strategy game: Napoleon - Total War (Steam)
Strategy game: Officers World War II
Strategy game: Patrician 3
Strategy game: Pharaoh + Cleopatra
Strategy game: Praetorians
Strategy game: Settlers V
Strategy game: Stalingrad
Strategy game: Stronghold Extreme Crusader
Strategy game: Stronghold 2
Strategy game: Stronghold Legends
Strategy game: Sudden Strike 2 (Full game download)
Strategy game: Supreme Ruler 2020
Strategy game: S.W.I.N.E (Full game download)
Strategy game: Take Command: 2nd Manasses
Strategy game: War and Peace
Strategy game: Warhammer 40k - Dawn of War Gold edition
Strategy game: World in Conflict
Strategy game: Worms World Party
Strategy game: Worms Forts under Siege
Strategy game: Zeus: Master of Olympus


Point and Click Adventures
Adventure game: 80 Days
Adventure game: Agatha Christie - Evil under the sun
Adventure game: Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express
Adventure game: Agon: Sword of Toledo
Adventure game: Alternativa
Adventure game: Amerzone - The Explorer Legacy
Adventure game: Ankh 2 - Heart of Osiris
Adventure game: Ankh 3 - Battle of the gods
Adventure game: Art of Murder - FBI Confidential
Adventure game: Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny
Adventure game: Aura: Fate of Ages
Adventure game: Baron Wittard - Nemesis of Ragnarok
Adventure game: Blue Toad Murder Files - The Mysteries of Little Riddle
Adventure game: Broken Sword 2.5 (Full game download)
Adventure game: Culpa Innata
Adventure game: Dirty Split (Full game download)
Adventure game: Eye of the Kraken (Full game download)
Adventure game: Egypt 2
Adventure game: Jack Orlando
Adventure game: Journey to the Centre of the World
Adventure game: Flight of the Amazone Queen (ScumVM)
Adventure game: Hardy Boys - Hidden Theft
Adventure game: Kings Quest III Remake (Full game download)
Adventure game: Lost Horizon
Adventure game: Louvre - The messenger
Adventure game: Lure of the Temptress (ScumVM)
Adventure game: Magic Roundabout
Adventure game: Mental Repairs Inc (Full game download)
Adventure game: Monkey Island Special Edition
Adventure game: Monkey Island 2 Le Chucks Revenge (Special Edition)
Adventure game: Monkey Island 3 (The Curse of Monkey Island)
Adventure game: Monkey Island 4 (Escape from Monkey Island)
Adventure game: Myst online: URU live (Full game download)
Adventure game: Myst (Real)
Adventure game: Myst 2 (Riven)
Adventure game: Myst 3 (Exile)
Adventure game: Myst 4 (Revelation)
Adventure game: Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for danger
Adventure game: Nancy Drew and the phantom of Venice
Adventure game: NiBiRu Age of Secrets
Adventure game: Nikopol
Adventure game: Out of Order (Full game download)
Adventure game: Rosemary (Full game download)
Adventure game: Runaway - A road adventure
Adventure game: Runaway 3 - Twist of Fate
Adventure game: Schizm 2 - Chameleon
Adventure game: Secret Files
Adventure game: Secret Files 2
Adventure game: Sinking Island
Adventure game: Syberia
Adventure game: Syberia 2
Adventure game: Ugly Prince Duckling
Adventure game: Vesmirna Becherovka (Full game download)
Adventure game: Versailles II - Testament of the King

Action Adventures:
Adventure game: Bee Adventure (Full game download)
Adventure game: Beyond Good and Evil
Adventure game: Dreamfall: The longest Journey
Adventure game: Pirates of the New Horizons (Full game download)
Adventure game: RHEM 4
Adventure game: Stranded 2 (Full game download)
Adventure game: Tomb Raider Anniversary
Adventure game: Yume Nikki (Full game download)