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Here is my long winded story:

My computer (macbook 13, 2008) started having issues recognizing when it was plugged into the ac charger...initially I thought it might be a battery issue (I now have a stockpile of new batteries\) but I started seeing a pattern in the chargers. The original charger lasted about a year before it died (no light, computer not recognizing its plugged in, not charging) and I got a new one. Charger #2 lasted about 6 months, charger #3 lasted about two months....I am now on charger number 5 (starting to act up) with number 6 in the mail at the moment. Now the chargers work okay for about 2 weeks and then they get progressively no light and recognizing its plugged in but not charging to not working at all. Also, after the chargers are "fried" by my computer they don't work on other computers either.

I took it to the genius bar today and he was stumped...tried my charger with the diagnostics and saw "false" readings in the charging category. When tried with a new charger it worked fine.
Just an FYI, I have had diagnostics run on the battery(s) 3-4 times, the computer has been completely taken apart and cleaned and the electrical components sprayed with something to promote electrical current(im not a techie) and I have also had the battery and computer reset....the guy at the genius bar suspected it was a hardware problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I have a protection plan that lasts for another year...but they just run diagnostics and send it back...It has been sent out repeatedly....I haven't had it for more than two weeks in the last 4-5!