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What leads you to believe it will underwhelm in the "seamless connectivity" when it has already demonstrated such, minus the lag of other similar hardware? And yes, it doesn't have multitouch. You know what the it does have? Actual controls.

Nintendo have always prioritised online safety above fostering a sense of community.

I have owned several Nintendo consoles from the NES to the Wii so count me as a fan. But even I can see most of their innovation comes from Shigeru Miyamoto. They have increasingly drawn on their back catalogue in recent years which makes me nervous that they are scrambling.

The physical controls and lack of lag (eg kinect) are very strong points. But compare the seamless connectivity of the xbox 360 or the app store to the wii friend code system. There is too much friction to getting online and making new friends with the Wii, which means people don't bother.