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iCloud support for Snow Leopard?

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I remember reading a few weeks ago in one of the articles/posts something about possible support of iCloud on SL..
Any more rumours or information from Apple? (I haven't heard anything yet...).

It is not that I don't want to upgrade to Lion (I wish I could). It is that I can't, as I have an iMac from 2006, without the Intel Core Duo II (can't remember the exact specifications, but basically my processor is the one just before the minimum required)

Thanks. Hopefully this iCloud works well.... I am still a bit confused regarding Wifi Sync....
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i'm in the same boat. i reckon apple should cop some flack about this. the icloud instant update of calendar entries from my ipad to iphone and back is just brilliant. my snow leopard laptop is out in the cold, and syncing through itunes to update calendar entries now results in duplicate entries!!!
i run a version of a software that lion doesn't support and i only just got SL. i'm pissed at apple.
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Originally Posted by Achim View Post

Don't worry. iCloud will come to Snow Leopard. Eventually it'll even come to Windows and Linux. It's a potentially OS-independent profit center. Just like iTunes went Windows, remember?

I really hope so, as I can't upgrade to Lion as got 2006 iMac which otherwise works great, but the hardware does not allow to be upgraded to Lion, unfortunately.
It is already support for Windows Vista!!! But not for SL, which is even newer than Vista!!
New iPhoto 9.2 works fine on my iMac, but don't have Photo Stream option available, which is a bummer as I can't transfer photos very easily between my DSLR camera and iPad, for example.... (only the old fashion way of importing to Mac, then connecting iPad to Mac with cable and sync through iTunes (I guess it will work wireless Wifi Sync too), but still will be great a Photo Stream capability for SL and iPhoto 9.2.

I really can't upgrade my iMac ..

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Type in the servers manually for iCloud mail and calendars.

Everything else you can't get.
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