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iCloud rage.

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Here is the scoop, I have been on the phone with apple all day about this.
Many ages ago, I had an apple ID that used a Gmail account. I made many app purchases with this ID. I then decided to subscribe to MobileMe and got a .me address. I have been using this for bookmarks, calendar, etc.

Since there is only one iCloud account per device, am I now going to have to choose between my calendar (.me account) and data backup (Gmail)?

Apple hasn't given me any real answers one way or another yet. Will I be able to use my .me for mail and everything while still having my backups through my Gmail apple ID?

Why don't they let us just merge Apple IDs?
What happens in June when MobileMe goes away? Will I have to rebuild all my bookmarks, calendar, notes, etc with the gmail account?

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Why would you call Apple about it?

You can't merge accounts. Yet.

Get over it.

I'm in the same situation. I have an Apple ID (originally EarthLink, I think, then Embarq, then CenturyLink, now tied to Gmail) with all my purchases and an iCloud account that has nothing and WILL have nothing until they let us merge.

Until then, I don't go insane about it, I just make purchases with my real Apple ID.
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I share your rage. To me, Apple's account policies and systems are extremely inflexible.

First there was mac.com, then me.com and now icloud.com. To add to this many people have an AppleID for iTunes purchases that is different from their MobileMe/iCloud syncing AppleID. I'm currently having trouble converting my Game Centre username from one Apple ID to another, both of which I own but Apple won't let me do it!

I think most people want just one AppleID for ALL Apple services, including cloud syncing and App store purchasing.

Apple should just get their act together and put the systems in place to allow us to merge and better manage our accounts. How hard can it be? It's almost as it the systems have been deliberately designed to be inflexible, especially with regards to App store purchases.

I'd encourage people to keep hassling Apple about these issues and eventually they might get the message and actually do something about it.

I haven't even been able to log in to icloud.com for the past few days. I thought this was supposed to be their me.com retribution. Guess I was wrong.
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