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"Return" and "Delete" keys not working

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I've checked the keys for any goupy stuff or other mechanical failure. Here's the the real trick though: they don't work in any Cocoa apps -- Okito Composer, OmniWeb, TextEdit or Create. But they do work in Appleworks, IE and Canvas, all Carbon apps. Coincidence? Dunno.

The delete and return keys do work in the Cocoa apps when I hold down the control key, or if I use the "fn" key on my iBook then the Return works as the "Enter" key. So it seems that it's a software issue of some sort, apparently to do with Cocoa frameworks or some junk.

So, uh, any idea what the hell is going on? I'm trying to avoid reinstalling since that would mean backing up all this stuff. Any help or taunts would be appreciated.


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[quote]Originally posted by BuonRotto:
<strong>or taunts would be appreciated.</strong><hr></blockquote>
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