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iTunes Burn Speed...

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Can't figure this one out...

Running OSX on my new 800 MHz G4 PowerMac with it's 24x CD-RW drive. I can burn at 24x in Toast Titanium with no problems, but in iTunes I max out at 16x!

In the Preferences I select "Maximum" and it only shows 16x during a burn, I go back and select "24x" as the burn speed and try it again, same thing.

iTunes will only burn CDs at 16x.

What the hell?! Anyone have any idea what is going on here??
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I just booted into OS9 to see if it's any different...

In iTunes the maximum a CD will burn at, regardless of what I specify in the preferences, is 12x!

In Toast, the max is 16x - there isn't even a choice of 24x in the drop down menu!

What the hell?! I've never had a drive faster than 12x before so I've never come across this... maybe it's time for a call to Apple... unless someone here knows something I don't.
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I have a similar problem w/ my 4x usb burner and my 333 imac. Toast burns @ 4x no problem, but itunes won't go above 2x, no matter how i tweak the prefs.

Maybe its time that i bought a new machine?
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I can't answer the first question, but as for the 4x USB burner, burning above 2x over USB is asking for errors, especially with audio discs. Toast will let you do what you want, and will let you screw up discs.. iTunes is probably 'holding your hand' and preventing newbie users from burning at a risky speed.

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I've got a 12x fw burner and I'm lucky if itunes can burn that fast. I can almost always get 8x without problems, but 12x is too fast for it :confused: At least I don't have to put 01. 02. 03. 04. etc in front of my tracks so they burn in the right order like I do in toast (btw, is there any way to NOT have to do that?). Give and take, I guess.
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iTunes does not have any support for any CD burner drives that burn past 24x. In a upcoming update apple is going to fix that. It says 24x in the drop down window because that spec is coming straigt into iTunes from the Cd Burner it's self. iTunes cant process data to a 24x speed for some odd reason.

"Master" of the Mac :cool:
Ah yes, now I can breath!

Ah yes, now I can breath!

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