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Mail.app corrupting emails

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Wow, this is hella frustrating. I've been using 10.1.3 on my new iMac for a few weeks now (since Feb 22), but over the past few days I've started to notice a few irregularities in Mail.app. It's begun corrupting emails that I get from my POP mail account (my mac.com email doesn't seem to be affected).
The thing that happens is that all the emails seem to be running together. I open one and it might have part of the email I want to read in it, or it might have half of another, or it might have a little bit of three emails. Sometimes when I open them the text will be 'the email "blank" is temorarily unavailable,' and the next time it will be something different. Very frustrating. The worst part is I had it set to delete messages off the server after downloading, so there's no way I can think of to recover them.
Is there any way I can fix this? I imported all my emails from my old computer by just dragging them into the Application Support folder in the Library, was that a bad thing?

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Your method of importing your email may be culprit. Were you using Mail.app on your old machine?
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