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EZQuest CDRW problems

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Today I purchased EZQuest CDRW drive 32x

It worked fine for about 10 minutes and now I am having
all sorts of problems with it.

At times it recognizes CDR's as CDRW's and wants to format them.

I can no longer burn anything in Toast.

When the burn begins I get the following error code every single time!

Sense Key = Medium Error
Sense Code = 0x73,0x03

Also at times Toast will not even recognize the drive
and when it does it will only allow to burn at 2x on a 32 x CD.

Also, whenever I place a data or audio CD into the unit
it comes up with an icon listed as Packet Media and it
shows 0 files.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
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Which OS are you using?? I've heard there is an extension conflict under OS9 between toast and disk burner.
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I am running OS 9.2.2

The strange thing is that it worked great for a little while
before it went bad.
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Try disabling the diskburner extensions..
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I disabled the diskburner extension and it did not help.
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