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CDRW Packet Recording

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Does anyone know if it is possible to do CDRW drop and
drap packet recording on a Mac.

I use Toast to foramt the CDRW, but I get no
icon on the desktop.

If I record on the CDRW in Toast, I will then get an icon
on the desktop, but if I try to add files to it I am told
it cannot do it because the disk is locked.

Is it possible to do this on a Mac.

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It is possible. When I got my burner (~4 yrs ago) it came with toast, jam and something else (i think made by the same people who made toast) that did exactly (I think) what your looking for. I don't remember the name of the program though, but keep hope alive becuase i'm certain that it exists. It would format the disc, and put an icon on the desktop, just like any other disk/disc, and you would have read/write access.

but if you can't find that program, I suggest you writeup a list of everything your going to burn, and put the items in via toast. because even with that program, once the disc is burned stuff is on there permanently, and the stuff isn't really on there until you burn it.

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If you remember the name of the program or
the version of Toast it came with, vould
you please let me know.

I cannot find any copy of Direct CD for the Mac anywhere.

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