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Unknown iPod backed up on my iTunes ...?

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Hi all!

I am in DIRE need of some advice here. Some serious light shedding is required on this mind boggling (well for me anyway!) issue.

Bare with me here... the story: My fiance was playing around with our iTunes last night when he somehow came across a list of devices that had been 'backed up' to my iTunes. All fine at first glance: my iPhone, his iPhone, my iPad, his iPad, my iPod his iPod. No worries!

Wait, what's this; 'richo's iPod' backed up on 20/1/2011. Strange. 'Richo' hmmm that is the last name/nickname of my ex boyfriend whom I haven't seen nor spoken to in over 4 years.

Please explain!

'Richo' was definitely, in no way shape or form at my house or near my iTunes on 20th January this year. Nor the year before that, or the year before that. In fact, I didn't even have my current computer when I last saw him over 4 years ago.

As you can imagine, my fiance was a bit 'confused' (to say the least) as to how my ex's iPod could possibly have been 'backed up' to our iTunes; especially when I could come up with no logical explanation as to how this could have happened.

The only thing I could think of is that I created my current iTunes account when I was with said ex boyfriend and the password I have been using for this account was one of his passwords when we were together (yes I know, stupid. Don't say it, I already know. But don't stress, I have now changed it!).

There is no way that he could have hacked into my home wireless network at all as I have been living in a different state to him for the past 4 years and I am not even sure where he is livng now. I logged into my iTunes account and checked that my address details were still correct, checked my iTunes receipts to see whether any unknown charges had been added and everything looks legit and fine.

What the hell?! Is it possible that said ex is using my iTunes account for his iPod and it somehow has translated this back up log to my computer?

Let me throw another spanner in the works, said ex is a network/systems engineer and there is no way in hell that he would 'unknowingly' have done this, it's not possible. When i knew him, he was always so careful computer wise and being a network engineer, would be fully aware of what account he was backing up to and what iTunes account his iPod was registered to at all times.

One other thing that I can think of is that, at some point during our relationship, he plugged his iPod into my old computer using my current iTunes account and it created a back up then. However, how does that explain the very recent datestamp of 20th January 2011?

As I said...I need some serious light shedding on this.

Luckily for me, my fiance has no reason to doubt me and my committment to this relationship and has accepted my 'I have no idea how this has happened' non-explanation, but for my sanity and his peace of mind I would really like to give him a technical explanation for this situation.

Before I go making a fool of myself and contacting my ex all guns blazing (to be honest, something I wouldn't mind doing anyway, I always was a grudge bearer and probably have deep seeded anger issues!); can someone help me out here?!
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There is a way to find out the date of the backup. Tell Richo I hope he's keeping well.
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Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

There is a way to find out the date of the backup. Tell Richo I hope he's keeping well.

I don't quite understand what you mean. The date of the 'backup' was listed next to the device name.
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Just delete it and get on with your life.
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