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Airport and WindowsXP

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After many years of IBM PC, I just got my first Apple, a G4 duel 1GHz. Now I am rather good with the IBM compats, the one I have I built myself... but I like the apple and seem to be catching on quickly.

Okay, here's my problem and I hope someone here can help me.

I plugged an Airport Base into my cable modem and took my existing hub and plugged that in to the Sirport, too. My Mac connects via wireless and my IBM connects through my hub.
Everything seems to be working fine... all computers can access the internet.

There are only 2 difficulties that I need some help with: 1) My WinXP machine can share files/folders with my Win98 laptop like it always could but those machines aren't talking with the apple (and vice versa)... and 2) I would like to play Asheron's Call on the MS Internet Gaming Zone and I am having trouble connecting; that is, I can run the AC Client program but am having trouble entering the game... I suspect that I need to open specific ports required for the game... Is there a way of temporarily disabling the Airport's firewall?

Thank you!
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Have you tried to connect to your XP box from your Mac??
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