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Radeon 7000 PCI DVD playback

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How do I get DVD playback to work with this card under 9.2.2?
G4/400 Yikes Toshiba 1002 Combo drive.
DVD playback worked fine with patched apple dvd player 2.7, but now crashes. The card supports hardware playback, but apple installer still says unsupported machine in OS 9. Playback works under X, but not sure if that is software only with player 3.1.1. Help much apprechiated.
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Caution: Radeon 7000 Mac edition has no DVD decoder capability whatsoever. DVD playback is software only although ATI advertises DVD playback.

"Experience the incredible 3D and DVD playback capabilities of RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION with flat panel displays to enjoy crisper and clearer images"

That means that if you exchange your rage 128 PCI with MPEG daughter board for it, you lose DVD playback in OS 9 (DVD player lets you know that you now miss the required hardware). So you are screwed if you bought it to use its video out to watch DVDs. This also affects all who are using patched Apple DVD players to enable software playback on G3 and G4 Yikes. The patch is not compatible with the required ATI extensions and will results in immediate crash. ATItech tried to avoid taken up the issue, but they are clearly aware of it. They told me in order to have DVD I need an AGP Mac with card in it-what would be the reason to buy an PCI video card if you have AGP grafik? (the link from a corresponding question in their faq leads to page not found).
The work around is to use the card with OS X and DVD playback is fine. But than, the XCLAIM TV USB EDITION they offer as a combo with the 7000 is not compatible with X and is OS9 only. This looks like a sour deal and misrepresentation of the product capabilities, since there is no information about these severe limitation for most of the customers potentially interested in this card on the ATI web page.
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