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I have done the following and still can not get into the I Tunes Store.

Yes I have verified I have all the latest downloads for I Tunes.
I deleted all prior programs of "I" everything Apple everything and started over downloading ALL the latest updates
and versions concerning I TUNES ONTO my Windows Vista operating system.

Next I verified that I Tunes was checked in all the little boxes and was allowed past all Firewall settings.

I am wondering if I need to maybe set a claymore mine under my computer and set a timer to blow...say in a few minutes or if I need to take a sledge hammer instead so I don't wake my neighbors.

all kidding aside though before I blow this lap top up can anyone help me please try to access the I Tunes Store.

It would be fun to blow this thing to smitherrrrines after all the frustration and buy a brand new shiny Apple Lap top. Until then though can anyone with a bit of sympathy help me Please...thanks so much in advance.