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Siri FaceTime Automatically to Email?

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Has anyone figured out the correct verbiage to use with Siri to start FaceTime with someone in your contacts at their email address?

What I mean is that in my contacts my wife has two phone numbers and an email address. When I say "FaceTime Susan" it always (annoyingly) asks me "Which phone number or email address" and proceeds to list off the options. I really want it to _always_ just FaceTime her email address...

Messaging her does the correct thing (sends it to her email address so it hits her iPad and her iPhone) without any intervention.

I've tried things like:

"FaceTime Susan At Her Email Address"

"FaceTime Susan Using Her Email"

But all of these just do the same thing (ask me which way to contact her).

I also tried adding Facetiming her email to my Favorites... hoping that Siri would get the hint.... but no dice.

Any suggestions?

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I have not exactly figured out how to do this but I did figure out something that may help:

1. Launch the Phone app.
2. Go to your Favorites tab.
3. Press the + button to add a contact.
4. Choose the FaceTime email address of the desired contact.

Now Siri will automatically use this email address the next time you FaceTime call that contact.

My situation is very similar to yours; my girlfriend has two contact numbers and one email address. After doing the above procedure, I can now tell Siri "FaceTime my girlfriend" and Siri responds with "Making a FaceTime call to [contact]'s home email".

The downside is that you lose a spot on your Favorites tab but that's a small sacrifice.

Hope this helps,

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