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iOS 5 Code Signing Bug Makes Jailbreaking Easier\t
Wednesday, 9th November 2011, 02:11 pm \t

Pod2g has announced that the code signing bug Charlie Miller found in iOS 5 will make creating a jailbreak much easier and warns users not to update to iOS 5.0.1.

Note about 5.0.1 : don't update if you plan on jbking : the bug Charlie MILLER found can simplify exploits dramatically and will be closed.

Just two days ago, pod2g announced that he had found a vulnerability that could untether the jailbreak for iOS 5. At that time we were told not to expect a release soon; however, Miller's bug could speed up the timetable for release.

Charlie Miller, a former NSA analyst who now works for computer security firm Accuvant LABS. The same person Apple kicked out of their iOS Development Program for finding this exploit and demonstrating it's legitimacy.