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OSX and 4 speakers

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I have a pair of Apple Pro Speakers connected to their corresponding audio jack in my PM G4. If I connect other third-party speakers to the headphones audio jack the Apple Pro Speakers stop working and these start playing.

Do you know how I can make the machine send the audio signal to both audio-out jacks so I can use the 4 speakers simultaneously? Can I even put those 4 speakers and the integrated speaker in my Power Mac to work simultaneously?

Thanx in advance.
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I could be wrong but I don't believe you can do this. The main reason for the mini-jack is because Apple has a built in amplifier that only works with the Pro Speakers. So they made the jack a special size so you wouldn't plug in different speakers and blow something up. My guess would be that the headphone jack and mini-jack run off the same bus so only one can be active at a time. Again I could be mistaken, I can't disected the sound section of a G4 lately, but from what I've read up on that may the problem you're having to deal with.
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