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CDRW locked?

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I burned some pics onto a CDRW disk, and then the next day i went to try to add some more but i got a message saying the disk was locked. How do I unlock it so i can add more info? (This is the first time i've used a CD burner) Thanks!................
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What software did you use? Apple's diskburner does not support multiple sessions.
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At first i used discburner. Why doesn't it support multiple sessions? How are you supposed to use a CDRW without that? How are Cds supposed to eliminate the need for zips if that simple function can't be performed?

I went back and tried Roxio Toast Titanium and i had nothing but trouble with it. After i burned the CD I went back to the CD and tried to drag a file off of it but couldn't do it. I'm not impressed with CDRWs as a form of data backup right now if i can't perform drag and drop with the files. Whats the point?.............................
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You need DirectCD for Macintosh. It uses a method called packet writing to write individual files to a CDR or CDRW. Follow this link for more information: <a href="http://www.roxio.com/en/support/dcdmac/taodao3.html" target="_blank">http://www.roxio.com/en/support/dcdmac/taodao3.html</A>
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Sounds complicated Why doesn't Apple just make Disc Burner sessions capable. macs are supposed to be easy to use. My PC friends have always told me to stop using the zip drive and switch to CD's. How can I when i want to add and subtract files easily? Unless i am having unusual problems with toast how can i save my AOL Favorites folder without using a zip if i want to continually remove and replace the folder as it changes? Frustrating to say the least............................
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I read with great interest the Direct CD for Macintosh.

After going to Roxio, it shows it as an upgrade.

I have Toast 5.1.3

Does anyone know where I can get the original version of Direct CD.
My version of Toast doesn't seem to have it.
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I noticed i have an older version of Toast, version 5.0 something. I just ordered the upgrade CD for $14.95-maybe that will solve the problems I'm having............................................ .
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In your burn software there's usually a selection for One-use or Multiple-use. Its usually called a "Write Session" if you wish to keep adding to your CD. If you want to use the disc only once the selection is usually called "Write Disc." Check your options out... I always select "Write-Session" just out of habit.
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Toast will allow write-session, it just didn't worrk. Disc Burner doesn't allow it, which is silly. Apple should fix that immediately..............
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