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system: os x 10.1.4. problem: stuffit deluxe 6.5.1. often when i try to open a download from version tracker (for os x) i get the following behaviour: stuffit expander attempts to open but fails. but then if i open the sttuffit deluxe folder and drop the file on the stuffit expander icon in the "stuffit drag and drop folder" then the file will open. however in doing so it will start up classic and boot it. the application icon will appear on the desktop and a message saying that this app does not work in classic.

(ps. in installing deluxe 6.5.1 i found that i had to trash the stuffit expander app that was originally in the utilities folder of os x. i don't know if this has anything to do with what is happening.)

here is a clearer (?) description of what is happening using MarineWrite.smi.hqx as an example.

Stuffit deluxe 6.5.1 problem

I am trying to open MarinerWrite.smi.hqx

1. double click the MW icon and the stufit expander bounces twice in the dock, and then nothing.
2. I then open stuffit deluxe app and try opening MarineWrite. I get the following message: "Unsupported archive format (1)."
3. Next I drag and drop MarineWrite icon unto the "stuffit Expander" icon inside the "stuffit drag and drop folder in Stuffit Deluxe. Result: expander opens, classic Os 9 boots and the disk image of MarineWrite mounts. And then i get a message saying "That Application or control pannel is not supported in the Class ic OS. However the the image is mounted and can now be installed.

AS you can see, i eventually get to what i want [installing MarineWrite] but something seems to be not set up properly.

so whenever expander boots, it boots the classic environment.

Any Ideas?