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Jerry Sandusky

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What do you think of this character Former coach Jerry Sandusky? I am sure most of you guys have some opinion about this horrific crime he did.
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It is just plain sad, that this had to happen. He is a sick person who needed to be off the streets a long time ago. What Paterno did not do was just awful. It was clear by his inaction that he didn't think child molestation was a crime, to him an the other A holes at Penn st. it was an "embarrassment"  WRONG. it was a horrible crime.


At what point would Paterno have called the police...when his assistant coach comes runinng in and says he just saw Sandusky shoot 8 boys in the head...does he call the police then...I bet he would have.


How ironic that this wasn't just another football coach at xyz state...it was THE football coach at a well known and prestigious school for football and academics....NOT ANY MORE !!


It is too bad that people who have nothing to do with this get penalized...but thats the way it goes...I don't know if their football program will ever be the same....I don't think it will.....strong high school players who are heavily recruited can go to Auburn, Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida etc etc......I know I wouldn't go to Penn St, or let my son if he were qualified etc.


And it all could have been avoided...if Paterno when he made that call...called the police...not the athletic director.....

Then it would have been a crime that was properly handled, and penn st would have been fine....one phone call

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Jerry Sandusky is really insane retired football coach! Sandusky on 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys. The indictment came after a three-year investigation that explored allegations of Sandusky having inappropriate contact with an underage boy over the course of four years, beginning when the boy was ten years old. - really a stupid man!

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