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Hi all, I hope you can help me.

My mate has an intel based MacBook Pro (I'm not a mac user). When he came home from work he went to turn it on and it just turned off again.

The symptoms:
After pressing the power button, the front light comes on then dims (to about half it's brightness). The disk drive makes a noise and then the laptop shuts down. You get nothing on screen (its not even back lite) and the whole process takes less then 2 seconds.

If you hold the power button down you get basically the same except that it stays on for about 11 seconds, and just before it powers down the front LED flashes on and off very quickly, goes off, then fades back in - then it powers off.

I've tried apple support but these articles for when the mac doesn't even power on, which this one is for a short period. I've also tried disconnecting everything, including batter and power adapter (not at same time) and still get the same behavior.

Can anyone help me diagnose that fault?

Thank you in advance.