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My sister's iPod touch 4th generation 64gb just "died" yesterday. She had half a battery, left it on the table, and came back 20 minutes later and it wouldn't turn on. She tried resetting it and restoring it and it never worked. I've tried both and also haven't had any luck. We've tried on both of our computers and have gotten error codes 1601 and 28. After having it plugged in for a while, I actually got it to turn on. It said it had a low battery but that it was charging. I then plugged it in to a different plug-charger because I read that it doesn't charge as well through the computer. It stayed on for a minute but then died again. I haven't gotten it to turn on since. It has pulled up in iTunes twice but I can only restore it and I would really prefer not to. Any ideas? I've read tons and tons of answers, help boards, and apple support but nothing has really worked so far. Please help! She's only had this iPod for a couple of months and can't really afford to have it replaced. Also the nearest Apple store is almost an hour away so that's really kind of a last resort. Also, she is running the most recent update, which I think is also part of the problem. I don't trust updates for the most part.