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Hello. Here is the history;
New-to-me machine (EMC 1989-G5/17/1GB/80/SD/BT/AP/100) with a diagnosis from second owner as trash. Won't boot and display is a mess. After quite a bit of research and trial and error, I get the local Apple store to diagnose 1 bad cap. The tech says that the bad cap is causing all issues and refers me to local Apple repair center. The tech also tells me that this model has already been "fixed" once for same symptoms. I then open the case and find the cap the tech mentioned and see 5 other caps that have been replaced, presumably by Apple in the prior recall.

Two days ago, I replace the single bad cap (I know that I should replace all of them and will do so if feasible) and the symptoms disappeared. The machine boots quickly and successfully and the display looks good. Now though, the previously functioning bluetooth module is unrecognized.

I open the case again and double check all screws, connectors and antennae. The BT module is seated correctly with antenna attached. On a whim, I tried applying conductive heat-sink paste to the underside contacts where I imagine the module draws power from the board.

The BT antenna is routed through the chassis and is hidden after about 2" worth of cable disappears under the metal. But really, in my opinion, the area where the module contacts the mobo should be where the problem is.

In short, I want to diagnose why this BT radio is now not recognized by the mobo. I can confirm that no obvious physical damage has been done to the module.

Any suggestions?