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"Microsoft, however, is at a disadvantage with Windows Phone because its user base is extremely small and appears not to be gaining any traction in the market, limiting the volume and range of real world samples it can use to improve its service."

You neglect to mention that they receive nearly 100 million calls/day through their TellMe subsidiary where many of their computational linguists and speech scientests reside.

In addition to the considerable speech reco talent at Microsoft, Google's speech team comes from the "Blue Nuance" which was the original Nuance prior to ScanSoft's 2005 acquisition of Nuance and came from SRI Int'l.

Apple? Nada. They contracted with the current "Green" Nuance (former ScanSoft) to deliver the speech reco services for Siri.

What Apple is hiring focuses on natural language understanding, not speech reco.

Speech reco is the ability to take audio and accurately create text from it. That is Nuance, Google and Microsoft's strong suit with many years of experience.

What happens after the speech reco produces text is in the app. In Siri's case, it is natural language understanding which is a fancy way of understanding context of human languare in text form so the app can then provide the appropriate feedback based on some activity like checking location, temperature, time etc against a weather web site. Then the text output uses Text To Speech, again from Nuance.

The language experts Apple is hiring have nothing to do with the speech reco, they will focus on the NLU portion of Siri.

Siri without the speech reco is pretty cool, it's a very scaled down version of IBM's Watson (and there are many other examples, but most non-experts are aware of Watson.)

However, there is NO Artificial Intelligence in Siri, contrary to the claims of the founders. A close friend's son is an AI expert with the appropriate PhD from Harvard to demonstrate his knowledge and experience. He ran a few easy tests for AI and Siri failed them all.

So stripped down to its bare framework, Siri is an NLU app with a speech reco UI on the front and TTS (Text To Speech) on the backend UI.

Nuance could be bought by Google to protect their speech reco patents, or more likely, by Microsoft due to their strong industry alignments in healthcare and automotive.

And where would that leave Apple? Six years behind GOOG and MSFT!

Beware Apple......either buy NUAN or suffer seriously negative consequences!