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It is our habit, for each year, to download photos from the camera periodically to the laptop. Each download creates an "event" named for the date of the download. At year-end, we merge the events. ("2001photos", "2002photos", etc.)

This has worked, with success, in the past. I have been able to sync photos by event to an iPod Touch; and when events are merged, the reorganization is reflected on the iPod Touch.

Now, we have iPads. It's that time of year again (January 1, 2012). I sought to merge all 2011 events into "2011photos". Then I performed an iTunes sync to the iPad. I see that the reorganization was *not* reflected on the iPad. Discrete events were retained (e.g., "December 21 import", "December 25 import", etc.) even though I had merged these events on the laptop.

I surely specified in iTunes preferences only to sync specified events (specifically, "2011photos").

Is there some further step I may take to ensure the iPad ends up with a single merged "event" named "2011photos" reflecting the organization on the MacBookPro?

(Or is it possible I'm misunderstanding the use of "events" and this type of organization should be relegated to "albums"? And I won't go into my working self-training on use of iCloud/Photostream...heh,heh)

Systems are the latest iTunes, iOS5 and MacOSX Lion